Romseh Tools
Romseh TOOLS is a company with tradition since 1971 in industrial production and metal processing field. Our customers come from diverse industries such as precision mechanics, automotive, electrical, machine tool manufacturer or agriculture.

Among the products executed by us at a constantly high quality and cutting-edge technology include: steel products, aluminum, bronze made after the customer’s documentation, accessories for machine tools, hydraulic components, stamps and dies. Romseh TOOLS also performs thermal treatments, metal coatings, free forging (max 7 kg).

Experience of over 40 years, technological endowment and certification of the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001: 2008 since 2010 ensure customer satisfaction from Romania and abroad.

16 Bucuresti Avenue
5300 – Focsani,
Vrancea County – Romania

0237 615.600
0337 101 170
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Fax: 0237 213.633

romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Parts by customer documentation
We execute various parts after the beneficiary’s documentation: various parts, machine-tools subassembled parts, control devices.

romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Hydraulic elements
Hydraulic elements are components of a driving hydraulic system by which the power is transmitted by a fluid under pressure on the source-consumer route.

romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Accesories for machine-tools
Accessories are mechanisms for blanks orientation with settlement on their outer cylindrical surface or on outer and inner surfaces of other shapes.

romseh tools romania focsani vrancea
Stamps / dies
We execte stamps, dies, active elements, kits after the beneficiary’s specification and documentation.

Romseh TOOLS executes by its own workshop the folowing types of services from metalworking field:
• thermal treatments (hardening, annealing, tempering, cementation);
• metallic coatings (browning, cadmium, hard chrome);
• free forging (max. 7 kg);